Life is too short to drink bad wine

The flavour of a wine is a complex and fragile interaction a wide range of aroma and taste-giving compounds. It is a wine-maker’s task with each harvest to bring together grape variety, terroir, harvesting, processing, fermentation and ageing to achieve a balanced, exciting and quality product for their customers. This is a task requiring depths of knowledge, experience and passion.

Unfortunately, after dealcoholisation to make a non-alcoholic wine, much of this hard work is no longer evident. The majority of character-giving aroma leaves with the alcohol during the different methods of dealcoholisation, regardless of how gentle the processing might be. So while the lack of alcohol itself has a substantial impact on the taste and on the release of aroma, i.e. the nose, of the non-alcoholic product, the main problem is that the characteristic aroma simply isn’t there anymore.

This is all set to change!

True2Aroma is dedicated to achieving aroma quality in dealcoholized beverages. Our aroma-recovery technology is capable of separating aroma from the alcohol resulting from dealcoholisation processes, so that it can be added back to the alcohol-removed product.

With application of our technology, makers of dealcoholised wines can offer their customers a new level of aroma quality and boost a market already seeing substantial growth.

That is what it means to be true-2-aroma.

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