Our Mission

Quality authentic aroma in
dealcoholised beverages

Dealcoholised drinks are becoming ever more popular. We love the flavour and ceremony of beer, wine and spirits, not only the effect! So, it makes sense that we’d like to have this experience even when we want to avoid alcohol. Unfortunately, the often poor quality of these products means that they don’t offer the flavour and ceremony anymore.

You can remove alcohol easily enough, so what‘s the problem? Well, when you take out alcohol, you take out a lot of the compounds responsible for the aroma, too. The product loses its characteristic nose, becomes flat and, quite often many would argue, unenjoyable. Even where it is allowed, which it often isn‘t, adding a synthetic aroma to make up for what‘s lacking is a base thing – crude and often ineffective.

But we‘ve got a solution.

Our technology allows the separation of aroma from alcohol so that it can be added back to the non-alcoholic product. It offers producers of dealcoholised beverages the aroma quality that consumers should rightly expect – naturally and authentically – no additions. The aroma of the original product is retained, such that its distinct characteristics are discernible. A non-alcoholic sauvignon blanc with a nose of passionfruit, grapefruit and red capsicum? This is possible!

By establishing a new standard of quality in dealcoholised beverages, we want to change attitudes around these products and make them esteemed additions to our culinary lives. We want to see them offered in restaurants, taken to dinner parties and enjoyed as their alcoholic counterparts are.

Its not possible to tell from a label if the product inside is made with such a philosophy, so we’re making it easier for consumers. Our certification mark guarantees that a product has been made with a greater focus on aroma quality, as implied by the application of our aroma recovery technology. It will distinguish the outside just like the aroma quality does inside, and take out the guess-work for consumers.


10 years of innovation and continuous improvement

  • 2011
    The ||Start
    The Start

    Founding of FlavoLogic by Dr. Alexander Hässelbarth und Claudia Geyer. Since then, the team has been engaged with the analysis, assessment and optimisation of aroma and taste.

  • 2015
    The ||Lab
    The Lab

    Construction of the first lab-scale aroma recovery unit.

  • 2015
    The Patent<br />||Application
    The Patent

    Patent claim for industrial aroma recovery submitted in Germany.

  • 2016
    The ||Pilot
    The Pilot

    Construction of the first manually operated pilot-scale unit for further testing and optimisation.

  • 2018
    First Steps to ||Industrial Application
    First Steps to Industrial Application

    Construction of the first manually operated industrial-scale unit.

  • 2019

    Begin of the patent claim’s nationalisation phase in Europe, USA, Japan, China, Australia and Brazil.

  • 2020
    Launch of<br />||True2Aroma
    Launch of

    Launch of the True2Aroma concept and construction of a fully-automated pilot plant for testing in production settings.

The Team

The True2Aroma Team – Aromaholics committed to authenticity

Our team consists of a mix of nationalities, backgrounds, abilities and temperaments, but we are bound by a common passion – to make the absolute best out of natural ingredients and, through clever processing, bring authentic quality products to life.

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