What we offer

1. Real Aroma Recovery Units

2. Contract Dealcoholisation

3. Engineering & Support

1. Real Aroma Recovery Units

  • Aroma-upgrade for dealcoholisation plants

Our patented aroma recovery technology is available as an add-on to both new and existing dealcoholisation plants.

Product-specific, customized and satisfying local regulatory requirements, a retrofit-module is capable of an immediate and dramatic increase in product quality. It can tackle all aroma-relevant side-streams to get the most out of your feed material.

A small footprint ensures that it can be included easily in existing production sites, while flexible dimensioning allows it to slot into established operating schedules. The module is available for any existing plant scale.

Our T2A-Aroma Recovery Module is also available as a pilot-plant to test. Learn the technology, taste the difference it makes to your products and see for yourself the potential it unlocks.

2. Contract Dealcoholisation

  • Your product in good hands

Financing your own processing capacity is not the only way to bring a dealcoholised product to the market. Contract or toll processing is an interesting alternative for small producers and start-ups to have their own wines dealcoholised. This service can already be found in many markets, but none as yet can offer the quality achievable with the application of real aroma recovery.

True2Aroma is building a network of processing facilities to bring aroma quality to dealcoholised beverages in all production scales.

Get in touch if you are interested in having your wines dealcoholized off-site, or to develop your own regional contract processing facilities supported by True2Aroma!

3. Engineering & Support

  • From concept to production

Are you looking for help to bring your product idea to reality, develop a new production facility at the forefront of quality, or to optimise your existing processes or products?

Our know-how extends beyond the recovery of aroma from the separated alcohol. We‘ve applied our deep understanding of aroma chemistry and product quality to the optimization of the entire dealcoholisation process, cutting losses due to processing steps and from side-streams.

Together with our competent partners and ever-growing network of contacts, our experienced team of engineers and food chemists can support you from conceptualisation and process design through to product development, plant optimisation and after-sales services.

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