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How to make a non-alcoholic wine even an oenophiliac will love

Dealcoholisation of wine is actually a well-established technology. Distillation is the typical approach, which is the same process used to make a brandy, with a couple of key differences. One important difference is that the dealcoholisation is conducted under vacuum, which means that much lower temperatures can be applied. This results in less heat-damage to […]

Why the interest in dealcoholized drinks?

There’s plenty of reasons to avoid alcohol, ranging from health concerns to being the designated driver for the night. This isn’t news, but it is tending to be more and more common. So what can you have instead? Good old tap-water is of course the best option, but nothing to get excited about, even if […]

True2Aroma is online!

As of November 2020, is online! We want to make some noise and generate some interest in what we have to offer. People are keen for dealcoholized beverages that taste like the real thing, now producers just need to find out about us and how they can meet the demand! So, if there‘s anyone […]

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