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Generations of master brewers have put their heart and soul into the development and optimization of ingredients, recipes and processes in the brewing of beer. This has lead to a huge range of different beers in markets around the world, accommodating a wide range of tastes.

These products form the basis of non-alcoholic beers made via dealcoholisation. Unfortunately, this hard-won character is largely lost in existing dealcoholisation processes. During the process of distillation, a lot of the aroma leaves with the alcohol out of the top of the column and is then missing in the non-alcoholic product. Alternative approaches like stopped fermentation avoid the need to remove the alcohol, but mean that many of the fermentation-derived flavours aren’t fully developed. A good example of this is the banana (isoamyl acetate) in wheat beer.

This is all set to change!

True2Aroma is dedicated to achieving aroma quality in dealcoholized beverages. Our aroma-recovery technology is capable of separating aroma from the alcohol resulting from distillation or membrane processes, so that it can be added back to the non-alcoholic product. This is possible even for 0.0 % ABV beers. With application of our technology, makers of dealcoholised beers can offer their customers a new level of aroma quality.

That is what it means to be true-2-aroma.

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