Complex by nature

The magic of spirits comes from the intensity, complexity and product-specific-character of their aroma, not their high content of alcohol. Distilleries around the world work hard not just to make a clean product, but to lend them a fascinating and engaging aroma to capture consumers in a competitive international market.

So what if you could offer consumers this aroma intensity and diversity, without so much alcohol?

A spirit is effectively the product of a dealcoholisation – a distillate comes out the top and a dealcoholized base out of the bottom, just like in the production of a non-alcoholic wine, for example. There’s no way to separate the aroma from the alcohol then, right?


True2Aroma is dedicated to achieving aroma quality in dealcoholized beverages. Our aroma-recovery technology is capable of separating aroma from distillates, so that it can be used to make a wide range of products such as non-alcoholic ready-to-drink cocktails, bar-mixers and indeed non-alcoholic or reduced-alcohol spirits themselves.

A whole range of new products are opened up with application of our technology – products with the natural and authentic aroma of real distilled spirits.

That is what it means to be true-2-aroma.

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